As a world-leading QA & Localisation company providing award-winning services to video game and entertainment companies around the world, Testronic offers rewarding career opportunities and employee benefits.

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During the COVID -19 pandemic which is effecting many businesses around world, we have taken precautions to protect our employees and families.

During this pandemic and until further notice , roles will be remote based ( from your home ) and you will be supplied with the relevant equipment to carry out your role.

Once we have further updates , we will cascade accordingly and will return back to the office once it is safe to do so!

Private Healthcare Insurance

Discounted Sports membership

* Site specific

Chill rooms with consoles

Fresh Fruit delivery weekly

Social Events

Continuous Development

Remote working

* Country & role specific

International culture

Functionality Quality Assurance

Functionality QA (FQA), is the biggest department of Testronic, responsible for identifying and reporting functional defects which affect players experience, and ultimately impact overall game quality.

Localisation Quality Assurance

Gaming is an international language. Making sure you’re a hit in new markets gives way to attracting larger audiences, creating bigger franchises and big wins for brand awareness. Localisation QA and Translation is key. We can help make sure you never say rubber, when you meant to say rubber.

Player Support

Testronic’s Player Support focuses directly on the growing demand and capabilities of the Gaming Industry. We provide a bespoke customer support service customised to the specific needs of our clients, creating a richer gaming experience for the end users.

Film & TV

Testronic FTV are the global provider of QA for all of content channels, from cloud to, discs and everything in-between. 

Film & TV were the first department established by Testronic offering video testing.


Testronic provides full translation, proofreading, text review, transcriptions, or any other linguistic service that may be required in any language combination needed. We can provide upwards of 40 languages as required.

All good
Applicant feedback from September 11, 2020
Very good
Reply was fast as soon as I applied for job. Interviewer was friendly Throughout the interview and explained everything about job responsibilities and the company. Also, the was fast request for a particular document to be updated as the prior document sent by me was out of date. Keep it up.
Applicant feedback from September 9, 2020
Ocena procesu rekrutacyjnego
Osoba odbywająca ze mną rozmowę kwalifikacyjną okazała się bardzo ciepłą, miłą i serdeczną osobą, która w profesjonalny sposób przedstawiła firmę, warunki pracy jakie w niej panują itd. Skupiła się na mnie w pełni podczas rozmowy i mogłem w pełni wykorzystać czas na prezentację swojej osoby. Cały proces przebiegł w bardzo ciepłej i dobrej atmosferze.
Applicant feedback from September 8, 2020
Pretty friendly interview
Really liked how the interview was handled, it felt more like a conversation being honest. Even though there were some connection problems at that moment in the HR office not allowing for video feedback, the recruiter specialist handled everything professionally!
Applicant feedback from September 1, 2020
Great interview experience
Applicant feedback from August 29, 2020
The interview was conducted professionally. The structure of the work was described in detail. However, it should be noted that there was a problem with the sound. There was a lot of unnecessary noise in the background, so I had to ask again several times.
Applicant feedback from August 28, 2020
Profesjonalna rozmowa kwalifikacyjna
Wszystko jak należy.
Applicant feedback from August 25, 2020
Bardzo dobry odbiór pracodawcy
Osoba przeprowadzająca rekrutacje jest jak najbardziej osobą kompetentną do tego typu działań. Wszystko przedstawione w bardzo prosty sposób, łatwy do zrozumienia przez aplikującego o pracę. System konferencji wirtualnej z innymi użytkownikami nie faworyzował żadnego z uczestników, wszyscy jeżeli była taka potrzeba otrzymywali spersonalizowane instrukcje w przypadku gdy coś nie działało poprawnie. Test ze screenshotami lekko nieintuicyjny, forma tekstu lekko nie zgadzała się z formą podaną przy e-learningu struktury raportu bugów, poza tym wszystko na plus. Cieszę się bardzo, że mogłem na własnej skórze doświadczyć procesu rekrutacji w Państwa firmie. Pierwszy raz próbowałem aplikować na dane stanowisko i nie żałuję spędzonego czasu przy procesie rekrutacji z którego dużo się nauczyłem.
Applicant feedback from August 25, 2020
Well Organised
The application portal is straightforward,easy to apply and so is the automatic reply with detailed information of how long an application will take to be reviewed. The frst time l applied, l was rejected. However the rejection email came with a link for me to be considered for future open vacancies. So l didnt lose all hope. The telephone recruitment is convenient. The first time received l the call from Testronics, l missed the call. I called back,however no one responded. After a few minutes they responded back and we started the telephone recruitment process, which is like the pre-interview test. The interviewer introduced themselves inb a friendly and formal manner and asked if l was free to have a conversation with them. I received all the information about the vacancy l had applied for. It was straight to the point and easy to understand. The online English and Customer Support Tests were well prepared for. However, the links sent at first weren't clickable. I tried copying and pasting, but no avail as well. The recruitment team was very efficient and very responsive when l informed them about the issue and within minutes l was writing my online tests. To sum up, the job application experience was well prepared and organized.
Applicant feedback from August 22, 2020
Pozytywne zaskoczenie
Bardzo miła i wygodna rozmowa Przyjemna atmosfera Brak jakiegokolwiek stresu
Applicant feedback from August 21, 2020
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