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Functionality Quality Assurance

Functionality QA (FQA), is the biggest department of Testronic, responsible for identifying and reporting functional defects which affect players experience, and ultimately impact overall game quality.

Localisation Quality Assurance

Gaming is an international language. Making sure you’re a hit in new markets gives way to attracting larger audiences, creating bigger franchises and big wins for brand awareness. Localisation QA and Translation is key. We can help make sure you never say rubber, when you meant to say rubber.

Player Support

Testronic’s Player Support focuses directly on the growing demand and capabilities of the Gaming Industry. We provide a bespoke customer support service customised to the specific needs of our clients, creating a richer gaming experience for the end users.

Film & TV

Testronic FTV are the global provider of QA for all of content channels, from cloud to, discs and everything in-between. 

Film & TV were the first department established by Testronic offering video testing.


Testronic provides full translation, proofreading, text review, transcriptions, or any other linguistic service that may be required in any language combination needed. We can provide upwards of 40 languages as required.

Software Testing Quality Assurance

We help clients to solve business challenges by offering:

a team of testers engaged 100% in testing, different skill sets on manual and automated testing for web, mobile or desktop apps, the possibility to scale up easily, counseling to ensure every decision is informed, accountability and engagement to deliver high-quality products.

Private Healthcare Insurance

* Site specific

Discounted Sports membership

* Site specific

Chill rooms with consoles

Continuous Development

Remote working

* Country & role specific

International culture

Health & Wellbeing

Training allowance

* Site specific

Team activities and Rewards

Allowance for visual aids

* Country & role specific

Social fund

* Country specific

An overall excellent experience
It was nice to be part of a smooth and professional recruitment process.
Applicant feedback from November 28, 2022
The feedback and information of further steps to take is good for they take time to inform you what you need to know.
Applicant feedback from November 25, 2022
bardzo poprawna rozmowa kwalifikacyjna
na plus: -przyjazna atmosfera -jasne i sensowne pytania -dobra dykcja oraz kultura osobista osoby prowadzącej rozmowę -punktualność -dobrze przemyślany plan rozmowy. do poprawy: -osoba prowadząca rozmowę kilkukrotnie posiłkowała się skryptem, czytając go słowo w słowo, co na chwilę zmieniało charakter rozmowy z casualowego na klinicznie profesjonalny -o istnieniu kolejnego etapu rekrutacji następującego po rozmowie video dowiedziałem się dopiero w trakcie tej rozmowy
Applicant feedback from November 25, 2022
Very Good
Before the assessment was starting everything was explained properly and with example which made everything very easy to do the Assessment test. In the interview the questions were very well formulated, the environment felt comfortable. The person who took interview was amazing.
Applicant feedback from November 24, 2022
Very formal and friendly atmosphere. No complaints.
Applicant feedback from November 24, 2022
I enjoyed participating in the interview process
The interview was conducted professionally and efficiently. My only adjustment would be in shortening the time between the assessment sessions and the interview sessions.
Applicant feedback from November 22, 2022
It was okay
It was good
Applicant feedback from November 22, 2022
Top class.
I really loved my interview because the person who was conducting the interview was really friendly and explained everything clearly and straight to the point. Out of 10 I would rate it at 8.
Applicant feedback from November 22, 2022
Ciekawa praca
Idealna praca dla zapalonego gracza. Zadania, mimo iż wydają się monotonne, to w praktyce ciężko się nudzić. Myślę, że jest to raczej kwestia projektu, bo raz się trafi na ciekawą grę a raz na bardziej nużącą. Jedynym minusem są wypłaty, zwłaszcza, że pracownik jest zmuszony pracować na terenie Warszawy, gdzie ceny mieszkania są dość wysokie, ze względu na dostarczanie sprzętu by ten jak najszybciej dotarł. W ekipie średnia wieku to powiedzmy 20-30 lat, wiec z komunikacją nigdy nie ma problemu.
Employee feedback from November 20, 2022
Rozmowa rekrutacyjna
Rozmowa przebiegła w bardzo miłej atmosferze, jestem zadowolona
Applicant feedback from November 20, 2022
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